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Learn More About Walking Frames

Departments | Walking Aids | Walking Frames |  Learn More About Walking Frames

Learn More About Walking Frames

Walking frames, often called zimmer frames, are mainly for indoor use and for people who have severe walking difficulty. Unless one buys a bag or caddy to fit on to the frame then it is difficult to carry anything else whilst using one. For this reason, if you are able to manage one, it is often more convenient when indoors to use one of the Trolleys listed in our Household section. For more information on Trolleys click here.
However if a frame is what you need then the main considerations are height and width. If you are tall then you will need a taller frame. And if you have a small house with narrow spaces then you will need one as narrow as possible. But bear in mind that a wider frame gives more stability. All frames, of whatever type, are height adjustable within certain ranges.

The other decision is whether to have one with no wheels at all, or whether you want one with the two small wheels at the front. No wheels gives maximum stability, but you have to lift the frame slightly each time you move (though they are extremely light weight). The wheels mean that the frame can be pushed forward but if there are bumps or steps this does not always help.

We have grouped the frames into three sections (Ultra-narrow; Domestic and Hospital) in order of width. So the Hospital standard widths are the widest. Within each section there are different heights (Small, Medium and Large) and the option to have one with or without wheels. Choosing one with wheels generally means that the height and depth are slightly greater than in the specification by about 2 cm (1 inch). We have then added some frames for which there is no wheeled option: Heavy duty frames for greater user weight; a folding frame useful mainly for emergency or travel; and a reciprocal frame which has arm flexibility.

Departments | Walking Aids | Walking Frames |  Learn More About Walking Frames

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