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Learn More About Footwear

Departments | Wide Fitting Footwear |  Learn More About Footwear

Learn more about footwear

We are stockists of Sandpiper slippers and shoes. We believe that they are one of the best products available in wide fitting footwear. Importantly, this applies not only to comfort, but also to style. They are recommended by chiropodists and podiatrists.

It is worth quoting from Sandpiper's own website:
We are one of the leading manufacturers of extra wide shoes in the UK. We would like you to know who we are and who you are dealing with to give you the confidence to try our range. Sandpiper consists of a carefully designed range of extra wide shoes and comfort footwear and our products are known for their softness and flexibility; our shoes are made up to a standard - not down to a price.

Features of Sandpiper footwear include the following:

- Three-in-one fitting system. Many styles have 2 removable and washable socks. Using both socks gives maximum cushioning; removing one or both socks gives extra width for (e.g.) bandaged feet.

- Padded tongue. Many styles have extra padding on the tongue for added cushioning

- Underfoot support. Full structured support from heel to arch, giving stability and allowing the shoe to flex only where the foot flexes naturally

- Deep toe box with soft toe puff. Lots of room around the toes with no hard seams or ridges.

- Long strap for maximum adjustment. Even for very swollen feet.

Our aim is to keep an example of each Sandpiper size in stock. Find your correct shoe or slipper size and then you can choose your design, since the sizes apply to all styles. So it is definitely worth coming in to try them on! Or else we can bring samples out to you, if you are within a 15 mile radius of our shop. Meanwhile, to find out more about Sandpiper, click here..

Departments | Wide Fitting Footwear |  Learn More About Footwear

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