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Learn More About Beds

Departments | Beds and Accessories |  Learn More About Beds

Learn More About Beds

Getting the right bed can be a complex business. For an individual with special needs having the right dimensions, the right mattress, accessories such as grab rails and so forth, takes a bit of planning. For this reason we have done our best to explain the options but have not priced individual items - buying a bed with a mattress will always, for example, work out much cheaper than buying them separately. However as a guide we offer starter prices for our two types of bed below.There are two types of electronic "mobility" beds which we can supply.

The first of these is what is known as a "profiling" bed. This means that the head end lifts, supporting the back, shoulders and neck so that you can sit up; and also that the feet can be raised - often useful if you have oedema/water retention, or sometimes just for comfort. These typically come as divans, either full floor (on castors) or with legs. They can be a variety of widths and heights and with many different types of mattress - typically a pocket sprung mattress is supplied as standard but a variety of non-hospital standard foam mattresses are also available. In every respect they resemble a typical household bed. We supply a good product from a company based in Nottinghamshire called Orwood. A standard 3 foot single bed with pocket sprung mattress begins at £899.00 net of VAT. It is a VAT exemptable item. To find out more about profiling beds from Orwood click here.

The second type of bed is much more of a hospital looking product in the form of the Casa range from Days Healthcare. With these beds the mattresses tend to be medical grade pressure relief, though they can also support a more standard mattress if necessary. These beds come with side rails, so that you cannot fall out and, as well as the "profiling" action described above, the whole bed can lift up and down so that the user can more easily be lifted and transferred. A single bed with a basic mattress starts at £1,000 and typically a mattress may be from £200.00. To find out more about Days Healthcare Casa beds click here.

Departments | Beds and Accessories |  Learn More About Beds

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