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Learn More About Riser Recliners

Departments | Chairs and Tables | Chairs |  Learn More About Riser Recliners

Learn More About Rise Recliners

Riser / Recliner Chairs do three things. They rise, tilting you up and forward so that you can get out and stand up more easily. They recline, with the seat back tilting backwards until you are lying down. And they also lift up your feet, so that you can lie vitually completely flat - or simply sit with your feet up. They are operated electronically, plugged into the mains and are controlled by a handset.

There are three main types of riser / recliner. The basic chair has a single motor. If you press the "up" button then the chair will lift and tilt. If you press the "down" button then it will start to recline and the footrest will come up. The footrest is not usually fully raised until the back is partially reclining - meaning that if you want your feet up then you have to be at least partially lying backwards. Usually the basic chair is avaiable in only one size.

The second type of Riser / Recliner is what is known as a "Wallhugger" . This does everything a basic chair can do but minimises the amount of space needed behind the chair to allow it to recline. A basic chair, when the back rest reclines backwards, needs several inches behind it otherwise it will bang against the wall. A Wallhugger swivels forward in its frame as it reclines, cutting the amount of space needed significantly. Moreover they will often raise the footrest before the back starts to drop, meaning that you can sit upright with your feet up.

The third type of Riser / Recliner has two motors rather than one - hence it is termed a "Dual Motor". This means that each of the three actions (rising, reclining and foot rest) can be performed independently of the others, so that you can position the chair exactly as you want it.

In our showroom we stock each of the three types. Basic chairs are supplied to us by Days Healthcare and One Rehab. The other types of chair are offered by Royams and by Rise & Recline - both producing high-quality extremely comfortable chairs here in the UK

Departments | Chairs and Tables | Chairs |  Learn More About Riser Recliners

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